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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

Welcome to triospare website

1) Introduction

1.1.   These terms and conditions, together with all other policies, govern your access to and use of the services ("services") provided by (referred to as "triospare" or "site").

1.2.   Please read and review these terms and Conditions carefully before using the website rise to make sure you understand each item before using the website and services as they affect your legal rights. By accessing or using any part of the site or services, you agree to be bound by these terms. If you do not agree to all provisions of these terms and policies, you must stop using the site and services.

1.3.   We reserve the right in our sole discretion to modify or change these Terms, Conditions and other policies, deny any user access to the site and the services, suspend the accounts of offending users; and modify, block or suspend the site (temporarily or permanently) without notice.

2) acceptance

Your access to and use of the triospare website constitutes your full acceptance and explicit consent to be bound by the terms, conditions and other policies set forth herein (the"agreement"). We reserve the right, at our sole discretion to update, change or replace any part of this Agreement, and we have found them regularly to make any changes to it. By continuing to use the services of rise explicit consent to accept the terms and policies applicable at the time of your use of the site and services

3) about us

3.1.   Triospare is operated by Qaswara E-Marketing Corporation, a limited liability company registered with the Ministry of Commerce and investment in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the commercial register number (4030394790), whose registered address is in Yahya bin Ishaq Street, Safa district, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

3.2.   Triospare is an electronic platform for the sale of auto parts that connects registered and authorized buyers and sellers on the site where the buyer submits an order for the purchase of the various products of the sellers and who display their products through the platform, and the role of triosper is limited to the management of the site.

4) tariffs 

In this convention, unless the context requires otherwise the following terms shall have the meanings indicated: 

4.1.   "Location", "platform", "we", "speaker's conscience" or "property conscience": refers to a location and its affiliated services, and qsoura foundation for e-marketing the owner of the site.

4.2.   "Account": refers to the user account in the website which can take advantage of location services.

4.3.   "User": refers to everyone who creates an account or uses the site and services, whether buyer or seller.

4.4.   "Buyer/buyers": refers to everyone who uses the site for purposes of purchasing products offered by vendors registered and accredited in the region.

4.5.   "Seller / sellers": refers to every individual, company or organization that registers an authorized account in the platform to display and sell products to buyers through the platform.

4.6.   "Product/Products" refers to any piece of spare parts offered by registered vendors and accredited site.

4.7.   "Application": refers to the purchase order products provided by the buyer on one of the products of registered vendors on site.

4.8.   "Dashboard vendor": refers to the link provided by the tribe to the seller with a unique user name and password for management of the case demand, and add and delete products, update product prices, update inventory, and all necessary information.

4.9.   "Content" refers to all audio, video, text, graphics, images and any other material entered, processed, included, or accessed through the site.

4.10.  "Agreement": refers to these terms and conditions and all other policies supplementing them.

5) legal scope of services

5.1.   Qaswara E-Marketing Corporation makes triospire services available for personal use only, and it is prohibited to use them for any illegal, commercial or other purpose.

5.2.   The triospare website is committed to:

5.2.1.   Provide an internet-connected system for sellers and buyers to execute sale and purchase transactions.

5.2.2.   Provide basic and necessary infrastructure, such as Call Center, order management system, etc., to record details of buyers 'orders that have been submitted on sellers' products or services.

5.2.3.   Provide "dashboard vendor" with a unique user name and password for management of the case demand, product prices, inventory, and all necessary information to enable him to manage his products.

5.2.4.   Brokerage services between sellers and buyers, where buyers can place purchase orders on auto parts products offered by sellers, and any order is considered acceptable only after we send the order to the seller through the site system, and the resulting legal contract between the buyer and seller will be limited to those goods.

5.2.5.   Provide freight services through agreements with different freight companies for incoming requests through the website.

5.2.6.   Provide technical support to the site.

5.2.7.   Accept products displayed on the site as the site administration deems appropriate.

5.2.8.   Provide appropriate payment services to users.

5.3.   Triospare website management has the same obligations and responsibilities if the website services are provided through an electronic application for smart devices.

5.4.   It is providing all location services in accordance with the provisions of this convention, in accordance with the regulations applicable in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and provisions of the e-commerce system the New applicable regulations and rules at all organizational services and products that are requested through the site.

6) access to the site and services 

6.1.   The user is responsible for obtaining and using the appropriate equipment or devices that are necessary to access and use the site, the services and any updates thereof.

6.2.   The user assumes responsibility for obtaining and access to the data necessary (whether wireless or cellular) to use the services, and the user is responsible for these prices and fees.

6.3.   You agree to comply with any and all instructions, notices, rules and operating policies and instructions relating to the use of the services and/or access to the site. We reserve the right to review at any time, and is aware of any changes to the above when posted on the site.

7) account creation

7.1.   You must create an account to access and use the site and services rise, and agree to the following:

7.1.1.   Acknowledge the full legal capacity to enter into contracts with us (for example: at least 18 years of age), agree to take responsibility for your actions, and any payments related to the purchase of products.

7.1.2.   Compliance with all applicable regulations in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including the provisions of the e-commerce system New applicable implementing regulations, and comply with any notices are sent through the website in connection with your use of the services.

7.1.3.   If you register as a business entity (enterprise or company), you acknowledge that you have the authority to bind that entity to these Terms, Conditions and other policies and to comply with all applicable regulations and notices sent by the site relating to the use of the services.

7.1.4.   The obligation to provide true, accurate and complete personal data (e.g. name, phone number, email), the obligation to update it whenever any changes occur, and to take full responsibility for any error in it.

7.1.5.   Agree to provide triospare with any information, Papers, documents or official documents related to identification upon request.

7.1.6.   Acknowledge that the account is personal, and assume full responsibility for all actions issued through it.

7.1.7.   Keep your account secure and confidential related information particularly password and user name, and the restriction of gas access to the account, you will not be allowed to transfer the account to any third party or gas.

7.1.8.   Pledge not to use the account for any illegal, fraudulent or inappropriate purposes or for any competing purposes of triospare.

7.1.9.   Undertake to promptly notify triospare of any unauthorized use of the account or any other breach of the security of the account and the site by emailing us.

7.1.10.                       The administration of the site has the right to freeze and/or cancel the offending accounts or one of them, with the obligation to liquidate all operations related to the account prior to its closure, freezing and/or cancellation without any liability to triospire.

7.2.   Entitled to a rise to terminate any user's account immediately and refuse any and all current or future use of the site, or restrict access of registered users in the following cases:

7.2.1.   In the event that you provide information that is incorrect, inaccurate, not up-to-date or incomplete at our sole discretion.

7.2.2.   In the event that triospare determines that you are using your account in a manner not permitted under these terms and conditions or applicable regulations in the kingdom.

7.2.3.   In case of violation or suspicion by triospare's officials of any user who has violated any of these terms.

7.2.4.   In any other circumstances, as the triospare management deems appropriate.

8) Rules of use of the site and services

8.1.   Use licenses

8.1.1.   We grant you a limited license to access and non exclusive license revocable and non-transferable to access and use the site and any content and information and related materials that may be available through the services for personal use only non commercial.

8.1.2.   Will any access to or use of this site in accordance with these terms. Please note that we may suspend your access to the site if you do not comply with or comply with these terms or any other terms or policies you refer to or any applicable regulations. Any other rights not expressly granted to you in this agreement are reserved by Qaswara E-Marketing Corporation and its licencors.

8.2.   Restrictions of use

The rights granted to you in these terms are subject to the following limitations; you may not:

8.3.1.   Create an account or access the service if you are aged less than 18 years.

8.3.2.   License, sell, rent, transfer, allocate, distribute, host or exploit the service.

8.3.3.   Modify, translate, adapt, integrate, disassemble or perform Derivative Works of any part of the site.

8.3.4.   Access the service or site in order to create similar or competing services.

8.3.5.   Remove or destroy any copyright logos or proprietary marks contained on the site; or use meta tags or any hidden text that uses our name or trademarks.

8.3.   Use controls (illegal use)

Users are prohibited from using the services for the following purposes:

8.3.1.   In any unlawful manner outside the scope of the purposes expressly permitted by the terms and conditions.

8.3.2.   To violate any laws, regulations, regulations or rules in force in the kingdom.

8.3.3.   To cause any damage to our business, reputation or brand.

8.3.4.   To impersonate triospare or any user or entity, to collect or track the personal information of others, or to provide false or misleading information.

8.3.5.   Posting unwanted electronic messages (spam) or messages that support any illegal activities.

8.3.6. To infringe, remove, damage or infringe any trademark, copyright or other proprietary rights.

8.3.7. To attempt to gain unauthorized access to the site, networks, servers or systems connected to the site.

8.3.8. To interfere with the operation of the services, circumvent or attempt to do so the security functions of the site, or to damage the services or trademarks in any way.

8.3.9. To modify, copy, adapt, translate, extract source code, reverse engineer any part of the site, make any derivative versions or re-format or frame any part of the pages that comprise the site, except to the extent expressly permitted in these terms or by law.

8.3.10. To post, receive, upload, download, use or reuse any material that does not comply with our approved content standards.

8.3.11. Publish, transmit or introduce any material that contains viruses or any other malicious programs (Trojans, the Worms, Logic Bombs, Time Bombs, and Keystroke Loggers Spyware, Adware) or any malicious code, files, or computer programs designed to harm the normal operation of the services (or any part thereof) or interference or identified.

9) purchase policy and contract formation

9.1. This policy forms an integral part of triospare's terms and conditions and governs your purchase through the site, this policy may change without prior notice, please review this policy every time you wish to place an order through the site to make sure you understand the terms that will apply at that time.

9.2. The purchase of spare parts products through triospare is limited exclusively to persons who can legally enter into online contracts in accordance with the laws of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

9.3. The buyer must follow the instructions on the site on how to make an order and make changes to any order before sending it, and take into account when placing an order on a product offered by registered sellers that there may be additional conditions specific to the seller that must be approved during the submission of the order.

9.4. When placing a purchase order through triospare website, the buyer must fill in the required data correctly and fully and agree to the terms and conditions of purchase and then pay the order amount through one of the payment methods available at triospare and after receiving the payment the order will be confirmed and the payment will be received and the order will

9.5. When you make a request, you authorize us expressly, before accepting it, conducting credit verifications and security, including, but not limited to, your credit card number, to validate your credit card.

9.6. Delivery of the product to the buyer may be delayed for more than 3 days depending on the availability of the item at the seller or due to the shipping companies.

9.7. The buyer must pay for the order in full at the time of the order with one of the payment methods we accept on the site, and the purchase price will be the same as the price stated on the site at the time of the order. The buyer is not entitled to claim any damages in the event that the price changes after placing the purchase order.

9.8. All purchase prices do not include delivery charges, if any, which will be added to the total cost of the request in the final invoice received by the buyer.

9.9. Trio spare management has the right to refuse or cancel any purchase for any reason whatsoever and for any customer at any time without giving reason either to the customer or any other party.

Commission on sale on the site 

 Trio spare has the right to deduct (8%) Commission from transaction made through the websiteز


10)the terms and obligations of sellers and buyers

10.1. Terms and obligations of vendors

10.1.1. Provide correct and accurate personal data, required official papers and documents proving the identity when requested, including (Commercial Register of the company, Organization, national identity of individuals, affiliated documents if any or any other documents requested by the site administration, a valid and effective mobile number), and the obligation to update any changes to this information or update these documents if they expire.

10.1.2. Treat buyers according to the rules and principles of ethics and respect.

10.1.3 obligation to provide the service legally and in a manner not contrary to the current regulations of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia or subsequent promulgation by the legislative bodies of the kingdom.

10.1.4. The seller undertakes not to offer or sell any product that is prohibited from selling or trading in accordance with the regulations of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

10.1.5. Not to promote products or services to the buyer, directly or indirectly, through email, or SMS or any other method of electronic or physical.

10.1.6. Commitment to provide accurate content, images, prices and product descriptions to be displayed on the site, as well as specify after-sales services including shipping, return, replacement and warranty services.

10.1.7. Undertake not to place watermarks, names or logos in the images attached to the product page, and undertake that such products do not infringe any intellectual property rights, privacy rights, or any commercial or proprietary rights of third parties.

10.1.8. Obligation to update the inventory continuously and in the event that there is a demand for a product that is not available to the seller or is unable to provide the product within the allowed period, the agreed percentage of the order amount will be deducted from the seller's receivables before the monthly liquidation of the account.

10.1.9. Commitment to follow up on purchase orders continuously through the "seller control panel" sent by registered e-mail and deal with them within 24 hours from the time of the order status to "received payment" and notify the site management in case of any problem preventing it as soon as possible.

10.1.10. The obligation to provide an invoice for products sold with a stated warranty, if any.

10.1.11. Commitment to processing and packaging the products sold well to avoid damage during shipment.

10.1.12. Obligation to deliver the required products to the shipping company representative within a maximum period of three days to the specifications agreed with the buyer without reference to us, except for public holidays and compelling circumstances that prevent the shipment of products during this period.

10.1.13. Obligation to update the status of each order to "order completed" after the orders have been shipped and add the shipment tracking number.

10.1.14. The obligation to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of purchaser information obtained through the site during the process of the sale of the products agreed.

10.1.15. Provide warranties on products sold according to regulations issued by the Ministry of trade and investment in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and provide after sales services such as maintenance of the products and acceptance of the retrieval according to the rule of recovery terms and conditions when using the site.

10.1.16. We expressly acknowledge that we are not Agents of the purchasers nor do we represent them, nor are we employers, distributors or agents of the seller and therefore have no supervisory or supervisory authority over the purchasers, and each party shall be held personally liable in accordance with this Agreement and in accordance with the law.

10.1.17. Triospire management has the right to suspend the seller's activity on the site if it is found not to be in compliance with this, and to take all systemic action against anyone who violates this or other policies included in these terms.

10.2. Terms and obligations of buyers

10.2.1. Acknowledge that the account is personal, and assume full responsibility for all actions issued through it.

10.2.2. Commitment to seriousness when ordering and credibility in dealing and not wasting sellers ' time.

10.2.3.Deal with sellers according to the rules and principles of ethics and respect.

10.2.4. We do not interfere with these products and make no warranty as to the correctness of the data and information of these products.

10.2.5. Obligation to provide correct and accurate personal data when registering an account, and to add and verify all required data when making any order including payment, communication, shipping and other data.

10.2.6. Payment for the ordered products and all fees and taxes including VAT, shipping charges and any charges related to the order in one of the methods approved on the site and in case of non-payment will be banned from the site until payment is made.

10.2.7.In the event of a dispute between the buyer and the seller regarding any order, the contract between the buyer and the seller will be executed by means of amicable or judicial settlement without recourse to us in any way.

10.2.8.Acknowledge that it is an independent contractor with the seller, that triospare is not responsible for the completion of the order, and makes no warranties or representations with respect to the product or shipment.

10.2.9. Acknowledge that rise is not an employer or agent of sellers, nor has any authority, supervisory or oversight on them, they are completely independent in the performance of their work.

10.2.10. Confirmation that the tribe not represented by before the gas is not considered as an agent and administrator in the face of the sellers personal responsibility in case of breach of the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement or in the event of disturbance and the legal provisions in force.

11) order management

11.1. The application management process takes place through the following stages:

11.1.1.Triospare receives orders for the products offered and receives the amounts due for the orders on behalf of the seller in one of the payment methods available on the platform.

11.1.2. Show the orders to the seller via the "dashboard vendor" and send notification via registered email, and if necessary will telephone the seller taking into account our working hours.

11.1.3.When the registered order status of a seller's product is "received", the seller must process, package the products and deliver them to the shipping company with invoices, bill of lading and warranty, if any, in the interest of the buyer within a maximum of three (3) business days from the time of the transfer of the case.

11.1.4.The seller adds the shipment number to the order and changes its status to "shipped".

11.2. The seller's financial receivables are settled after 7 working days from the date of receipt of the shipment

12)payment policy

12.1. Display all product prices in local currency of the country, and these prices are subject to change at any time by the seller, but these changes will not affect orders that have been confirmed before the change.

12.2.(You can choose to pay by (Visa – MasterCard –Mada .

12.3. eAll transactions are due immediately through the payment methods available at triospar.

12.4. We do not retain the information and data you enter through payment methods.

12.5. If you opt for electronic payment, the buyer must ensure that the credit card information used in the payment is correct and valid before the payment is completed, that he has the full right to use the cards used in the payment process and that they contain sufficient funds or credit to cover the order process.

12.6. Triospare assumes no liability in the event that the buyer makes a payment error, nor does it assume any liability as a result of hacking or fraud on the cards used by the buyer online.

12.7. Triospare reserves the right to modify the value of the commission or its calculation mechanism in the future, and you will be notified if this is done, as well as the right to add new payment methods in the future.

(13) guarantees

.13.1. The warranty regulations issued by the Ministry of Commerce and investment in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia apply to the products displayed on the site which include but are not limited to: product warranty against any manufacturing defects.

13.2. The company may, at its discretion, test (through a third party authorized agent or center), replace or refund any product it deems defective. A decision on this will be made by the authorized warranty representative of the company.

13.3. You will pay the cost of returning the defective product and we will refund it after the inspection and identification of the defect in a manner acceptable to the company.

13.4.The company will not be liable for any damages, claims or damages that may result from unauthorized installation of the product.

13.5. At triospare we welcome contact by telephone or registered email in case of dispute with the seller.

14) content accuracy

At triospare, we make every effort to ensure that the content and information we provide on the site appears accurately at the time of publication. But can not guarantee the accuracy of contents or information contained in its pages which will be inserted by the sellers or buyers who are registered with us, and any user who uses this information contained be under your own risk, so we recommend you read the information accurately.

15) disclaimer of liability

15.1. We do not warrant or warrant that the materials on the site, or any of the functions of the site and server, will operate without interruption or delay or will be error-free or free of defects, viruses or harmful technical components that may infect the user's computer. And provide the site, services, content and information contained therein, "as is" or "AS AVAILABLE" without any warranties or representations of any kind, whether express or implied.

15.2. We shall not be liable for direct, indirect, consequential or incidental loss or damage in connection with any use of the site or arising out of the execution of orders by sellers, or the buyer's failure to pay the value of the order to the seller and so forth, and no user shall be entitled to claim any damages in connection therewith.

15.3. Triospire management disclaims any liability for any sale or agreement between the seller and the buyer in the event that the payment is made off-site, and is not responsible for any transfers made other than its official accounts listed on the site.

15.4. We are not responsible for any losses or expenses arising out of:

15.4.1. Use or inability to use the services or that these services will be accepted by you and your requirements.

15.4.2. Any matters beyond our control or control including but not limited to any failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, interruption, delay in operation, inaccuracy or incompleteness of input data and information provided on third party sites that may be linked to our services, directly or indirectly.

15.5. We strive to do our best to ensure that the service is available for use, but we are not responsible for any potential service interruption due to-but not limited to-maintenance work, technical problems or other reasons.

15.6. If you decide to link to any of the third-party sites, you do so entirely at your own risk.

15.7. Triospare management disclaims any liability for any sale or agreement between the seller and the buyer in the event that the payment is made off-site, and is not responsible for any transfers made other than its official accounts listed on the site.

15.8. Make all reasonable efforts to ensure the processing of all transactions in a timely manner, however does not meet the amount of time required to complete the processing of any particular transaction, and also we will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss arising from any such delay.

16)intellectual property rights

16.1. All copyright and all other intellectual property rights and content related to the triospire website (including but not limited to: text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio and video clips, Digital Downloads, Documents, Data, software, programming rights and other symbols contained therein (collectively, "intellectual property") are the property of qsoura electronic marketing corporation or its providers and are protected by

16.2. The user must respect intellectual property rights and not exploit or use any part of the content for commercial purposes without obtaining a licence from us to do so or our licensed companies or other institutions.

16.3. You are not allowed to:

16.3.1. Modify any material you have printed or downloaded from the services in any way, or use any illustrations, photographs, video, sounds or any graphics separately from any text.

16.3.2. Publish, distribute, reproduce or copy any content provided to you or made available on the services in any way.

16.4. If you print, copy or download any part of the site in violation of these terms and conditions, your right to use the site will cease immediately.


17.1. Triospare, the images, logos, page headers, button icons and service names (collectively, "site trademarks") appearing on the site and services are the property of Qaswara E-Marketing Corporation, and all trademarks not owned by US or related to the products appearing on our site are the property of the company's trademark owners or their respective owners.

17.2. You may not use or reproduce the triospir name, logos, marks or any other marks on the site without the prior written consent of us or its licencors.

17.3. You may not use any of these brands any place for promotional purposes, intentionally or unintentionally. Not to spoil anything contained in the site as granting any license or right to use any trademark without the prior written permission of the party who owns the brand.

18)electronic communications and notifications

18.1. When you use rise or send emails to us, you are communicating with us electronically, and agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications that we provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement as if such communications be in writing.

18.2. Your email address is used to send information about our services unless you unsubscribe from such emails using the unsubscribe link in the emails.

18.3. May give rise notifications to you as required by law or are for marketing or other to the email address you provided and/or recorded at the site, or by sending notice through the site.

19)Digital Signature

By using and registering an account on the site, or by clicking to accept the terms and conditions when prompted, you will be deemed to have implemented these terms and conditions electronically and will be legally effective against you from the date you register an account or use the site or from the date you click to accept the terms and conditions.

19.1. Express consent: if you register an account at the site or to request to purchase any of the products displayed, this approval is an electronic signature on this agreement.

19.2. Implied consent: if you visit, use or remain on the site for long periods, such use is an electronic signature of this agreement.

20) privacy

Any information you submit to us or collect through our services is governed by our Privacy Policy, the terms of which are incorporated into these terms and conditions. Please see triospare's Privacy Policy for a summary of our practices regarding the collection and use of personal information. Your acceptance of these terms and conditions constitutes consent to triospare's collection and use of your personal information as described herein.

21)links to other sites; third-party service

21.1. This website may contain or provide information regarding the sites or links or products or services offered or displayed by third parties. Triospare is only an information provider and not a referral service, and does not recommend, endorse, monitor, or control any sites, products or services. Therefore, triospare makes no warranty or representation of any kind in relation to third-party sites, products or services.

21.2. Triospare assumes no responsibility or obligation towards any third-party sites or services. You assume full responsibility for your use of any websites or services of third parties.

22) compensation

22.1. You agree to indemnify and hold triospare and its affiliates harmless from any and all claims, liabilities, damages, losses or expenses including legal fees, attorneys ' fees and reasonable costs, related to or arising out of:

22.1.1. Any misuse of the site, services or content or materials available on the site.

22.1.2. Any illegal or unauthorized use of the site or services.

22.1.3. Any violation of any terms, policies, rules or guidelines followed by the site or non-compliance with this agreement.

22.1.4. Any violation of any law or the rights of any third party including intellectual property rights.

22.2. You must acknowledge your consent to cooperate fully in the manner we determine to defend or settle any claim.

23) governing laws and jurisdiction

23.1. These terms and conditions and any claims or disputes arising out of the use of the triospare website shall be governed by the regulations in force in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and shall be the exclusive jurisdiction of the Saudi courts.

23.2. If any provision of these terms and conditions is deemed unlawful, void or unenforceable under applicable regulations, the unenforceable portion of these terms and Conditions shall be deemed sever able and shall not affect the validity and validity of any other remaining provisions.

24)changes to terms and conditions

24.1. Triospare reserves the right to update, modify or change these terms and conditions in part or in whole at any time within the scope of the purposes of the services. In such case we will indicate the contents of the amended version of these terms and conditions, as well as the effective date of the amendment and the seller will be informed at least 30 days before the new amendments take effect and the amended version of these terms and conditions will be effective as of the date of the amendment.

24.2. You are responsible for reviewing these terms regularly to be aware of any changes to them will be binding on the new policy upon your continued use of the site and services.

24.3. Need tribe the right to make any changes to the site or the services at any time and for any reason.

25)termination of the agreement

25.1. Triospare has the right in its sole discretion to terminate, prohibit or restrict any user's use of this site or any part of it, for any reason or without reason, and without notice, obligation or liability to him or any other person.

25.2. This agreement between the parties may be terminated as follows:

25.2.1. The seller has the right to terminate this agreement by submitting a request to terminate it via email and then the consent of the official on the website representing Qaswara e-marketing foundation.

25.2.2. Triospare management has the right to terminate this agreement when the seller violates one of the terms of this Agreement and the site reserves the right to return to the seller for any damages or financial obligations suffered by the organization resulting from the seller's actions in accordance with this agreement.

25.3. This agreement is void on its own if you cause any legal problems to us or third parties, if you breach any provision or paragraph of the terms and conditions of this agreement, if your information is not documented, or the site activity is discontinued. In all the foregoing circumstances, we have the right to sue you under this agreement if the reason for avoidance is due to your breach of its terms.

25.4. This agreement or amendments thereto shall apply to the use of the site through smart devices.

26)final provisions

26.1. Full agreement: these Terms, Conditions and other policies and all amendments thereto, documents and notices constitute the full and final agreement between triospare on the one hand, and any person who visits the site or uses the services or any other features or features of the site on the other hand.

26.2. Relationship: you agree that there is no joint relationship, partnership, employment or agency between Qaswara E-Marketing Corporation and any user (whether seller or buyer) as a result of these terms and conditions or use of the site and services.

26.3. Transfer of rights and obligations: Qaswara E-Marketing Corporation has the right to transfer all its rights contained in this agreement to third parties without any objection from the user, and everyone is obliged to implement all their obligations contained in this agreement before the assignee immediately notified of the transfer, and the assignee has the right to take all legal procedures before failing to

26.4. Executive may not assign this Agreement and rights granted under it or transfer any of the parties without the written consent of the other party.

26.5. Force majeure: we have no liability for any failure or delay in performance when it was caused by circumstances beyond our control or due to force majeure which includes, without limitation, any of the following: acts of God, war, fire, flood, explosion, civil unrest, and take responsibility upon the occurrence of any incident which leads to do to suspend or disable the operation of the site automatically

26.6. Notices: should be for all notifications, claims, and demands permitted under this agreement in writing, and delivered personally or sent to the official address of the institution through courier service of recognized or e-mail should any party change its address by providing notice of such change to the other party.

26.7. Language: these terms and conditions are formulated in Arabic and if translated into any other foreign language adopted Arabic, and apply to all official and non-official bodies if the foreign language conflicts with it.

26.8. Cooperation conditions: in the event of any conflict between these terms and any of the previous versions, the current version will prevail unless where otherwise stated.

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