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Commission on sale on the site 

 Trio spare has the right to deduct (8%) Commission from transaction made through the website.



(2) The terms and obligations of sellers and buyers


2.1. Terms and obligations of vendors


2.1.1. Provide correct and accurate personal data, required official papers and documents proving the identity when requested, including (Commercial Register of the company, Organization, national identity of individuals, affiliated documents if any or any other documents requested by the site administration, a valid and effective mobile number), and the obligation to update any changes to this information or update these documents if they expire.


2.1.2. Treat buyers according to the rules and principles of ethics and respect.


2.1.3 . The obligation to provide the service legally and in a manner that does not contradict the current regulations of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia or subsequent promulgation by the legislative bodies in the kingdom.


2.1.4. The seller undertakes not to offer or sell any product that is prohibited from selling or trading in accordance with the regulations of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


2.1.5. Not to promote products or services to the buyer, directly or indirectly, through email, or SMS or any other method of electronic or physical.


2.1.6. Commitment to provide accurate content, images, prices and product descriptions to be displayed on the site, as well as specify after-sales services including shipping, return, replacement and warranty services.


2.1.7. Undertake not to place watermarks, names or logos in the images attached to the product page, and undertake that such products do not infringe any intellectual property rights, privacy rights, or any commercial or proprietary rights of third parties.


2.1.8. Obligation to update the inventory continuously and in the event that there is a demand for a product that is not available to the seller or is unable to provide the product within the allowed period, the agreed percentage of the order amount will be deducted from the seller's receivables before the monthly liquidation of the account.


2.1.9. Commitment to follow up on purchase orders continuously through the "seller control panel" sent by registered e-mail and deal with them within 24 hours from the time of the order status to "received payment" and notify the site management in case of any problem preventing it as soon as possible.


2.1.10. The obligation to provide an invoice for products sold with a stated warranty, if any.


2.1.11. Commitment to processing and packaging the products sold well to avoid damage during shipment.


2.1.12. Obligation to deliver the required products to the shipping company representative within a maximum period of three days to the specifications agreed with the buyer without reference to us, except for public holidays and compelling circumstances that prevent the shipment of products during this period.


2.1.13. Obligation to update the status of each order to "order completed" after the orders have been shipped and add the shipment tracking number.


2.1.14. The obligation to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of purchaser information obtained through the site during the process of the sale of the products agreed.


2.1.15. Provide warranties on products sold according to regulations issued by the Ministry of trade and investment in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and provide after sales services such as maintenance of the products and acceptance of the retrieval according to the rule of recovery terms and conditions when using the site.


2.1.16. We expressly acknowledge that we are not Agents of the purchasers nor do we represent them, nor are we employers, distributors or agents of the seller and therefore have no supervisory or supervisory authority over the purchasers, and each party shall be held personally liable in accordance with this Agreement and in accordance with the law.



2.1.17. Triospare management has the right to suspend the seller's activity on the site if it is found not to be in compliance with this, and to take all systemic action against anyone who violates this or other policies included in these terms.